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99th Anniversary of Death of Admiral Sir Nicholas Dawlish

Sunday 23rd April 2017

The audacious amphibious raid on Zeebrugge on St. George's Day 1918 saw the death of Sir Nicholas Dawlish in a manner he would have found wholly appropriate. Click on the "Dawlish" bar above to learn more.

"Britannia's Eventide" - free-to-download short story set in 1914

Monday 10th April 2017

Click on yellow text above to find out how to get this short-story that details a critical turning point in the life of Nicholas Dawlish.

5th Dawlish Chronicles Novel published!

Saturday 5th November 2016

"Britannia's Amazon", the fifth book in the Dawlish Chronicles series, is now available in paperback and in Kindle versions!

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Antoine Vanner - author of the Dawlish Chronicles

Antoine Vanner writes historical naval fiction. He had had an adventurous life in international business and also travelled extensively on a private basis. He survived military coups, guerrilla warfare, a militia attack, storms at sea and life in mangrove swamps, tropical forest, offshore platforms and the boardroom.

Antoine’s knowledge of human nature, passion for nineteenth-century political and military history and first-hand experience of their locales provide the background to his historical novels centred on the lives of Royal Navy officer Nicholas Dawlish and his wife Florence. The five volumes published so far are all linked to actual historical events and are set in locales as variious as the Black Sea and the Balkans in winter, a river-system in the heart of South America, the luxury and squalor of the United States' Gilded Age, Cuba in revolt, Korea as it emerges from centuries of isolation and - not the least deadly - the corrupt and brutal underside of the complacent and outwardly respectable society of Late-Victorian Britain.


To see a short video in which Antoine discusses his fascination with the Victorian era and his approach to writing naval fiction. Please click here to view it: Video 1

In a video-interview shot in December 2015 Antoine Vanner speaks about his new novel Britannia's Spartan. Click here to view it:  Video 2

Britannia's Amazon, the fifth book in the Dawlish Chronicles series, is the subject of a videoed interview from November 2016, at the time of publication. In it Antoine Vanner talks about the historical background to the story as well as the challenge for a male author writing from a female viewpoint, as he does in this novel, in contrast to the four earlier ones. Click here to view it: Video 3

Other Interviews:

For an interview with Antoine Vanner by Eva Lagassé please click here: Interview by Eva La Gasse

To hear novelist Seymour Hamilton interview Antoine please click below: Seymour Hamilton interview 

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Britannia's Reach - the story of a Mehphistophelean bargain? Click here to learn more

Novelist and Historian Joan Druett interviews Antoine in October 2014: Please click here



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