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99th Anniversary of Death of Admiral Sir Nicholas Dawlish

Sunday 23rd April 2017

The audacious amphibious raid on Zeebrugge on St. George's Day 1918 saw the death of Sir Nicholas Dawlish in a manner he would have found wholly appropriate. Click on the "Dawlish" bar above to learn more.

"Britannia's Eventide" - free-to-download short story set in 1914

Monday 10th April 2017

Click on yellow text above to find out how to get this short-story that details a critical turning point in the life of Nicholas Dawlish.

5th Dawlish Chronicles Novel published!

Saturday 5th November 2016

"Britannia's Amazon", the fifth book in the Dawlish Chronicles series, is now available in paperback and in Kindle versions!

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In Britannia's Eventide we meet Nicholas Dawlish and his wife Florence in retirement in 1914. 

It's a warm Sunday in June and enthusiastic crowds have turned out to marvel at demonstrations of flight, the new miracle, at the aviation centre at Brooklands.

Among the pilots is Nicholas's much-younger half-brother Ted, who has just gained his wings.  The Dawlishs have motored up from their home in Hampshire to see him in action. They're proud. Very proud.

Yet for Nicholas Dawlish there's a tinge of sadness.  His naval career is over and the world is a very different one to that in which he and Florence came to maturity.  There's nothing ahead but a comfortable but unexciting old age.

And how wrong he is....












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